What do I bring?

Lots of you have reached out and asked what you would need to bring to join us on the trip. All are welcome to join! Reach out to us whether you want to join for the long haul or you just want to get involved for a short part of the trip.

For those wondering what they should have before joining, below is a quick list of things we’d recommend that you have with you. Who knows how the weather will be for the next few weeks so be prepared for the cold. If you plan on coming with for a large part of the trip, try to bring ONLY what is absolutely needed (2 sets of clothes max) as that backpack will get pretty heavy.

Clothing – Warm (non-cotton if possible) clothing, socks, hat, gloves, comfortable walking shoes, and a rain jacket/poncho.

Shelter – Sleeping bag and maybe a tent. We come back and update this one once we’re on the road and figure out how much tent space is available or needed.

Food – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HOLD A DECENT AMOUNT (at least 1 liter) OF WATER. As for food, this is your call but try not to go crazy. Simple calorie-dense stuff – nuts, protein bars, etc. We can buy food if need be, but we’d like to spend as little money as possible so come with at least something.

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