Safety Support

We’ve figured out a way to allow those that have offered the support of a vehicle or would like to offer a place to stay. We would like to prepare for the possibility of someone’s mental or physical health deteriorating on the march. We feel very strongly that we would like to complete our march as currently scheduled. Participating in this march though, especially for those on the entire two week trip, will take a lot of energy. Marching 20+ miles daily, possibly through bad weather, is tough for anyone. Since we know that the whole world is watching, everyone involved is willing to push themselves to the edge . That being said, we believe in the principle of solidarity and we would like to avoid a situation where we have to choose between staying on schedule and staying together as a group.

What we’d like to do is set up a system where we have a list of people that are willing to potentially offer a ride or shelter for support. If a situation arises where a marcher needs to take some time off, we’d like to be able to send them to a location a day or two ahead so that they can rest and rejoin us when we catch up to them. For example, if tomorrow someone decided they needed to take a break, we could have them dropped off at Occupy Philly where they could rest and then rejoin us on 11/15.

If you are willing to offer any part of this Safety Support, let us know! Shoot us an e-mail at and format the subject line in the following way:

safety support – (car or shelter) – (one of the destinations from our list)

safety support – car – philly    if you would be willing to help with car support and your in the Philly area

safety support – shelter – newark, de    if you have a place to stay that’s close to Newark, DE

2 responses to “Safety Support

  • Ed Fagan

    I have a large home just off of route 95 midway between Baltimore and DC. I’ve been to OWS in NY 2x, donated a fair amount, been to Balto. and got them almost 100 gals. of water one weekend when they had none… If there is Anything I can do Please let me know. I will be happy to open up my home for stop over or stay over. I can offer car support. I’d also love to march with you guys. Please reply! I sent a message on Twitter hours ago but am new to Twitter and maybe didn’t do it right, no reply. Please get back to me. Thanks!!

    – E

  • Anonymous

    I agree! cannot believe that this was happening these days. I am very happy I am not jogging. We would love to help answer about the future. I will want to know this new development to this.

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