General Assembly

Minutes for 11/9 GA – Elizabeth, NJ

We were all pretty tired and decided to address a few agenda items with open-ended discussions.

Food –
1. Check for food restrictions (vegan, allergies, etc).
2. Patrick and Bo are going to get started on Food Working Group.
3. We will be accommodating to people tomorrow while the Food WG works on a plan.

Breaks –
1. We will every 2 hours take a 5-10 min, and get a temp check on how people are feeling on pace.
2. Idea thrown out for a Logistics WG to possible set mile marker break points or something like that.

Route –
1. Discussion on dealing with rain – should we move march times up/back for rain?
2. Consensus on 9-5 marching hours.

Community GA’s –
1. We think it is a strength holding public GA’s, but we will need to deal with a lot of internal issues making our GA’s very important. Facilitation WG will work on this.
2. We agreed to use the last 5-10 min of our lunch break to set the agenda for that night’s GA.

Pace –
1. Will become very important as we get more people.
2. Eric & Jason will pace in back & front respectively tomorrow, and try to talk to people about pacing technique and see if we can form a Pacer WG.

Medical –
1. Will be important to stretch regularly and make sure we’re all taking steps to ensure we’re feeling okay. We should work toward taking preventative measures.
2. How should we address a person that may not in good enough health to carry on? This is a tough issue – we are doing something huge an want to meet our schedule, but our strength is in our show of solidarity. We informally agreed to handle this situation through individual conversations and address any major concerns as they come up.

2 responses to “General Assembly

  • charlene

    to the people against OWS

    if u r happy with yr life is going (fine!).
    if u feel negative about OWS that fine to. u r entitled 2 yr opinion! could u please show some respect by not yelling our” get a job” or “go home” we have a God given right 2 march as long as it does not cause physical harm 2 others. we r exercising that right!! some people that r protesting wallstreet & big corp, banks, have jobs.We r Fed Up & tired of being treated unjust. Cost of living has gone up but paycheck stay the same. Food,gas, mortgages, healthcare & foreclosure and many other things r high. u need more than 1 job to make ends meet. it should not b this way. It seems that the U.S.A has settled 4 that. we all r affected in some shape or form. we want to b heard!! our programs can”t continue to be cut and employment reduced. We r over working the employed bcause there r no jobs to be had. We need to tax the big corp.,banks and the 1%.U.S.A can’t continue to take from the unfortunate(99%) and give to the fortunate(1%). U.S.A. needs to do more then survive. We need to live unjust. Justice 4 all!!! “BANKS GOT BAILED OUT! WE GOT SOLD OUT!!!. NOW ITS OUR TURN”

    • Anonymous

      wow, I’m not sure how you expect anyone to take you seriously with that English. For instance, 4 spelled out is four not for which is the word you want. If you wrote with real words instead of teenage text/IM language, you may get some better responses (or a better job)

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