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We’d like to be clear about how donated money will be spent. We got $3,000 from OWS that will go toward getting some things we need to make this possible (some gear, maybe food on the trip, bus tickets back to NYC, etc) but we’re hoping to spend as little as possible. Any money we receive in donations will go toward these expenses – we will spend our donated money first, then the money we got from OWS. In other words, we’d love to be able to give the entire $3,000 back to OWS when we get back. Any additional money raised will go toward planning a future march or toward turning this in to a much larger idea – Occupy the Highway.

As far as donations of physcial stuff we need, we’ve got some work to do to make that possible. We will probably reach out to some of our future desitinations and see if stuff can be mailed there and then picked up by us when we arrive, but that might be tough. We’ll update soon with when we figure something out.

5 responses to “Donations

  • Denise

    would like to help when you reach vicinity of Laurel, MD. I can drop off food or whatever is needed where you are. let me know what you need, where and when.

  • Nancy V

    Can I offer a suggestion to gain supports along with financial support?

    Had you thought of reaching out for sponsors (just as “Runs for breast cancer” Or Companies that actually are “Fed-up” and support the movement) Ask for people to join along the way” Maybe mention they too try and get their own sponsors. Not mandatory but very effective and beneficial!! Dr’s, nurses should really get involve as the medical society in whole is on the verge of losing the freedom to treat in accordance to their creed and oath taken at time of graduation!!
    Small companies should be in support as govmt tightens noose around their necks forcing them out of business with all it’s “new” rules that “favor” the big guy like Walmart, hence keeping us in struggle to survive or putting us out of business in spite of Obama’s media cry to create “More Job”
    Take note: Grocery stores are putting in more computer checkouts, toll bridges are also changing out “human” toll takers for computerized “FAST TRACK” Banks have less tellers and intentional long lines to force us to use versi-tellers, ever try getting a “REAL PERSON” when calling AT&T, DELL (cstmr svc in INDIA) COMCAST, YOUR bBANK, Ports of America in Oakland,& L.A. are really pushing for automated docs!! China has purchased their OWN ship-line with an almost 100 % computerized automated doc in Oakland already!!! LongShoreman are Not needed !!! To mention a few!! As the list gets longer !!! Occupy to “OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO BE HERE ON EARTH” And work for a fair living, lifestyle and Life!!!

  • Anonymous

    I proudly was the first fonator from this page this morning. You need to make the link for Donate to NYCmarch2DC larger and in color (kind of hard to find even thogh its toward the top of hte page). March safely!

  • anon

    Can offer a place for 1-2 to stay near Trenton if needed.


    I also will like to donate Fifty US dollars to this movement, but need to know exact details of receipient, bank branch,swift code etc. The donation will be made telegraphically by my bank, but my bank can not transmit this small donation without the information I am seeking here. My donation can be utilized for Zocotti Park protesters or for any good cause by these young people.

    Pl. email details to my yahoo id:

    Donation will come from India, as I am an Indian citizen living here, though for two months every year I live at Chicago,Illinois.

    Will appreciate quick response with these details.

    Best of luck. Stay peaceful, abide by laws, treat women with dignity, and don’t do anything to sully the reputation of this wonderful movement.

    God be with you.

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