We’ve had an amazing amount of people reach out to us wanting to get invovled in the march. We love this! Keep it coming!

Twitter – @NYCmarch2DC  #nycmarch2dc

email – – please use the following as your email subject to help us respond quickly

Logistics – anything related to our route (suggestions, road closings, stuff like that)
Press – anything media related
Participate – if you’re interested in getting involved in any fashion
Occupation – if you’re contacting us from an Occupy let us know
Support – if you’d like to support us in some fashion (support car, help with food, etc.)

9 responses to “Contact

  • password92

    Occupy this, occupy that, nobody seems to know where it’s at. Let’s all stand in the streets & protest, like, the government, yo.
    You wanna protest something? Protest the bailouts. How many billions ($2,000,000,000+) has the U.S. government thrown at Wall Street/General Motors/Chrysler? And for what? Sucking at business?!? Last I checked, if you open a business, and can’t design a product worth buying, you go out of business. When did the federal government start throwing money at people who can’t make money (excluding welfare)? If McDonald’s can’t sell a sandwich, McDonald’s either A. lowers the prices, or B. tries a different sandwich! If GM claims that the people of the United States can’t afford to buy their cars, well then lower the prices genius!!! Why should I give you a single penny if you don’t even have a bare bones understanding of the fundamentals of supply & demand?! If you can’t design a car that people have any desire to pay for, than what business is it of yours designing cars at all?! Do scientists pack more research per hour into every hour based on the amount of money they make?! NO! Do designers make more appealing designs based on the amount of money they make? NO! If you can’t design a car worth buying at a price worth paying, then you have no business designing & selling cars. End of story! Was the president walking along & saw the CEO of General Motors sitting on the side of the street, begging for change? I doubt it!!! So then why is the president of the Unites States investing our money in a failing business?!? The last I checked, if you own a successful business it’s because
    number 1. You started that business with a plan!
    & number 2. You invested your time & your money into that business!!!
    If General Motors is failing, & the CEO has faith that it will succeed in the future thanks to obviously necessary ‘change’, then it is the CEO’s responsibility/ duty & the CEO’s problem! What I’m saying is, whichever one of you idiots is wanting General Motors to succeed so bad should invest your own money into it, just like every other American business owner!!! They’ve gone through 5 (count ‘em, five) CEO’s in the past 2 years. Pathetic. DO NOT BUY GM!!! Apparently they can’t design anything worth buying anyhow & don’t know when to lower the price on a piece of crap! SAME GOES FOR CHRYSLER!!!
    And hey Mr. President!!! If the people of the United States can’t afford to buy badly designed cars maybe you should give billions of dollars to the American people! Then they would pay more money for inadequately designed crapola!!!

  • Ruth E. Kastner

    Send mean email at if you’d like free accommodations for 4 (or more if you can pack tightly) and hearty vegetarian meals, new Greenbelt Metro station.

  • jewel gauger

    We are driving to DC to meet you on 23rd to stand in solidarity with you. Keep up your spirits…you are
    making history!!

  • occupy orlando

    we are driving up from occupy orlando to meet you as well…. 🙂

  • thaibonnie

    please update route status. just heard you are not going toward laurel…i have a ton of vegetarian food i prepared and will deliver to you hot somewhere on your route today if i knew where it was….PLEASE update the route and where you will be around lunchtime and where you are staying the night. i have offered and will offer again my home, shower, comfort etc……………thank you

  • elise

    PLEASE!! help me join up now! I want to join up before the march to the capitol…Please tell me how I can do this!!

  • Matheau Moore

    As an occupy philly participant (i met you all just as i was bringing a case of bottled water to the food tent and redirected it to you) i am so so sorry that there was trouble (thefts etc) during your stay with occupy philly 😦 i apologize and continue to be inspired by your march and the endurance and patience you have had to exercise to continue your march!

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