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Updates for “MIC CHECK” and New Marches

So I finally found another editor: Josh, who joined the nycmarch2dc in Philly, has offered to take on “Mic Check” for a second edit! Personally, I am very excite about this deveoplment since it will do the documentary well to have another pair of eyes working on it and since it’s currently two hours in length, it needs another edit! I don’t expect to hear back from Tribeca, but I have been brainstorming a number of avenues for getting the film out there, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Hosting the film online for downloading

2. Having public screenings guerilla style (i.e. setting up a projector and speakers in public space and showing the film on buildings, in parks, in a grocery store, etc.)

3. I was really inspired with what Robert Greenwald, founder of Brave New Films did with the release of his film “Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price” six (ish) years ago. He announcenced that he would mail the DVD to anyone in the country as long as they agreed to host a screening at their home for their neighbors and community-this way, not only is the film easily accessible (and for free!), but it serves a tool to deepen the dialogue about the content matter with people living in the same town/community/neighborhood. Since, in my opinion, the corner stone of every occupation is the General Assembly which introduces the concepts of people making decisions together about what effects them most I think this method would be extremely relevant and productive.

Hopefully, the second edit will be done in a month or so and together Josh and I can make a kick ass documentary you will all have access to. Thank you for all of your support  with this march, the last march, and future marches. None of these efforts would have been possible without you! Also I want to thank you for being open minded and dedicated citizens of America (in my opinion anyway:)!


NEW MARCHES: There are two new marches both leaving on February 11, 2012. One  is being called Occupy Walk and they will be leaving from San Diego, CA and marching to Occupy Wall Street. The other march is a continuation of Walkupy and those folks will be heading North from Atlanta (they reached their Atlanta destination this past weekend) to Chicago for the May 1 call to Occupy Chicago for the G8 and NATO Conferences-both conferences are being held in May in Chicago so for anyone who can get there in the beginning of May it would be great to have as many people as possible. I will be heading there for May 1 as well.

You can follow Occupy Walk (from CA to NY) at:

And Walkup (from DC to Atlanta and Now from Atlanta to Chicago) at:


I am hoping to get going on a Million Women March (men are encouraged to participate as well) for this summer. If anyone is interested in marching or organizing let me know! There are also a few of us talking about marching from NYC to Chicago for the May 1 call, but no plans have been solidified yet. Thanks for staying tuned and I hope you’re having a good month. The Revolution is an ongoing effort!