Meetings and Documentary Film

Hello All,

We are meeting with some very important folks tomorrow evening. We will be having a formal marcher debrief as well as constructive conversations about future actions and marches with some people from past civil rights actions . Some of this will be live streamed. Details will come tomorrow. For those of you reading this that are not aware-9 people from the march from ows to DC have contined marching onto Atlanta, Georgia. Catch up with them here:

ALSO: I will be posting updates on the documentary film about the march (the crazy ups and downs), ows from the beginning and the raid, and the future of the movement, occupations, and mobile occupations according to a few individuals. This film is a work and progress. For updates and news please be sure to check in here. Hopefully. I will have some footage up here very soon. Maybe a trailer….where is my assistant editor?

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