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Record of GA Spending on March from OWS

Okay. Here it is! This is the current record of the money we have spent on the march from the $3,000 from the OWS GA. I am currently in transit, but will photograph and post receipts asap.

*NOTE: very important: the amount we have spent and are returning to the OWS GA is still pending. There are a lot of marchers still in DC and we’re making sure they’re all taken care of transportation wise. Additionally, the media team may need more support with Hard Drives for editing the march footage.

As of 4pm 11/25/11

$3,000  in General Assembly funds from OWS for March from OWS to DC


$27.21 (for 3 pack hdv tapes from J&R)

$110.99 (500 gig HD and protective case from J&R)

$96.90 (1018 amp solar charger)

$33.98 (for 4 pack dv tapes)

Media Total: $269.08*this amount might change as we might need another hard drive for editing


$11.86 (from Giant)

$24.93 (from 7-Eleven)

$71.04 (from Green Valley Marketplace)

Food Total: $107.83


$20 (for community cigarets-some receipts missing)

Miscellaneous Total: $20


$400 (for supplies for Medic Eric)

Medical Total: $400


$32 for 20 train tickets from house we were staying at in baltimore to occupy Baltimore

$9 in local transit for some people in DC house back to Occupy DC.

Bus Tickets: The Marchers reached a consensus to give everyone from OWS $60 for bus fare and travel and everyone from other occupations $35 for bus fare if they need the money. The people who received funds are as follows:

Mike $60 (ows)

Jackie $60 (ows)

Landier: $6 (for in town DC train fare)

Bel Air Mike $6 (for in town DC train fare)

Danielle $110 (Occupy Baltimore for in town DC train fare, parking, and $100 replacement for lost wallet that had $200 in it-wallet was lost in one of our support vehicles-marchers reached consensus for this expense )

Melvin $60 (ows)

Troy $140 (support vehicle from Occupy Delaware-$100 ticket and $40 for gas)

Josh $6 (for in town DC train)

Jessie $35 (occupy Philly)

Pauly $60 (ows)

Elliot $60 (ows)

Darin $35 (occupy philly)

Colojino $60 (ows)

Sorell $35 (occupy Philly)

Ariana $35 (occupy Philly)

Alex $35 (Occupy Philly)

Garth $60 (ows)

Sara $60 (ows)

Jashkin $35 (Occupy Baltimore)

Ben $35 (occupy baltimore)

Turtle $35 (occupy Philly)

Merielle $35 (occupy Trenton)

Dylan $60 (ows)

Michael $60 (ows)

Citizen $35 (occupy Trenton)

Eric $60 (ows)

John $60 (ows)

Panama $60 (ows)

Lando $35 (occupy philly)

Brian $35 (occupy philly)

James $60 (ows)

Camille $35 (occupy Philly)

Katrina $35 (occupy Philly)

Adam $60 (ows)

Kelley $60 (ows)

Bo $60 (ows)

Brian M. $35 (occupy philly)

Brain B. $35 (occupy philly)

Owen from OWS didn’t need this fare

Transportation Total: $1, 889.00

Cab fee’s  $20 (from house in Baltimore to Occupy Baltimore)

ATM and BOA fees: $17.75

BOA check fee:          $35.00     (withheld check for 10 days-We were given $200 before the check cleared and spent that. Bank of America held our check and took back that $200 we spent. My account did not have the money to cover this. A $35 fee occurred that I was unable to get the bank to lift).***My apologies for still having my money in BOA. My account is a personal one and does not represent ows or occupy the highway. My excuse for not moving my money is lame: I did not have any bank account for years and kept my money in a can-record keeping got confusing and basically I spent too much money. I opened BOA (again lame, because it was the closest bank within a mile) and ordered a bunch of checks. I was waiting to use these checks up; but I will be frugal no more and I promise you that I will be moving my money to a local bank or credit union as soon as the GA money is done with and back at OWS. If it makes anyone feel any better I typically never have more than $500 in my bank account (and that gets spent every month on rent).

Hiking Shoes $50 (for a marcher from nycmarch2dc that continued on to dcmarch2ga)

Transportation and support vehicle cost for dcmarch2ga $40

Total Spent: $2,848.66

To return to OWS GA: $151.34* (we will propose this as a future march fund)

*this amount subject to change pending last spending of DC marchers and media fund


$40 was spent on overnighting a check from the New York City General Assembly to the marchers who were in need of funding as well as postage for priority mailing a care package of thermals, emergency blankets, gloves, etc.

$115 was spent on another 500g HD for the feature documentary film Mic Check: Inside the nycmarch2dc/occupy the highway which was submitted to the Tribeca Film Festival on 1.6/12 and two dv tapes.

I am way over tired, but I will dig up these receipts soon in order to give the exact number. I will also try to finally photograph all of the receipts for all of the purchases made with OWS money.