Hello everyone. The gang’s all here (pretty close anyway) outside the Newark Post Office. Our hands are freezing and we’re all packed up and ready to go-a little bit of a late start but for good reasons…



We have decided collectively to change this route based on pertinent information we were given. We will be in Havre De Grace tonight which is roughly 20 miles from Newark. We will be in the Joppatowne vicinity tomorrow night. Then move along to Occupy Baltimore. We will be sure to update information asap. I will update our route directions during lunch today.

Please check twitter for the most recent information. You can also follow our GPS tracker here!

Once again, we are extremely grateful to the vast support of local communities and we apologize if you were expecting us today in Rising Sun, Bel Air, and Laurel-please find us along Route 40 instead.

OWS solidarity. Everyone in Liberty Square and like spaces are in our hearts today. We will be having a lively march south…Stay strong everyone. We are too big to fail.

Love from the OWS, Occupy Philly, and Occupy Delaware Marchers!  We are 40+ and going strong!


  • marty

    Where is the link for the gps tracker.

  • Anonymous

    Do you know when you will be arriving in Baltimore? What supplies do you need? I thank you for all you are doing to bring awareness to the changes that are needed here in America.

  • Dan

    Been following via internet. Thanks for doing this walk. Thankyou thankyou.
    I’m there in spirit.

  • Cheri Carpenter-Lundstrom

    How fares the shoeless guy? I worry about him daily as he hasn’t been mentioned. It is the mom in me. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    May your energy stay high along your march today. Looking forward to joining you in Baltimore. Thank you and good travels!! Peace

    Jay of the 99%

  • M. Rocknest

    Someone said in the pre-occupy times, “Will the real Americans please stand up?” Well you not only stood up, you are marching too. It’s awesome! It’s inspiring! Heart thumps to all of you, from Canada.

  • kevin

    Thank you guys…Im planning on join you in a few days to offer support. Stay strong and peaceful and know that you are helping shape history…. whats the twitter account to follow you on?

  • Daisy

    Hope you guys are well. Been watch ny protest on live stream all day. About 1/2 hour ago all feeds down at once. Thinking Nypd is using cw transmitters to jam cell phone service to block live streaming

  • Todd Waters

    Hey guys! could you please reconsider the decision not to come down route 1 from Baltimore. Route 40 doesn’t even come close to DC, instead it continues westward towards Frederick, MD Near W. Va. Route 1 is the most direct route from Baltimore to DC that is not a major interstate highway. Also, Occupy University of Maryland has been raising money and organizing a kickass welcome with several other student groups participating and providing much of the leg work. This is the first time we have been able to get widespread support for the occupy movement on campus and it has changed the attitudes of many of the students who were on the fence. Furthermore, many students want to join you on the final leg of your march to the capitol.

    University of Maryland – College Park
    7965 Baltimore Avenue
    College Park, MD 20742

    Todd Waters
    Occupy UMD 240-472-4467

    Show on Google Maps
    Google Maps

  • Charles Norman Martin

    Taking US 40 to Baltimore instead of US 1 is probably a hell of a lot safer anyway, given it has shoulders for a good portion of its distance.

    HOWEVER, you’re going to NEED US 1 to get down to Laurel and DC once you’re past Baltimore. US 40 goes west toward Frederick and Pittsburgh and has nothing to do with DC. I only hope you realize this before you leave Baltimore this weekend… but then again, as I’m in Baltimore I could totally tell you this anyway…

  • Brian Collins

    Brian from Occupy Delaware here. It was great hosting you all Tuesday night. You are all an inspiration to keep on the good fight. Good luck on your journeys! Stay warm! Much love from OD!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you for visiting Havre de Grace. We were happy to be able to cheer you along in your quest. Best wishes to each and every one of the marchers.

  • Sue

    Best of luck on your continued journey. Stay safe. TN is sending you warmth and admiration.

  • Chuck

    It was nice to meet the group (or some of you folk) in Edgewood, Maryland. Coffee and back on Route 40. I wish you success in your
    GA this evening. Hopefully you find Joppatowne a place for rest as well. The continuing journey into Baltimore (Occupy Baltimore) is 12-13 miles, with cool, but no rain in the forecast. Peace and thanks. Some of us do understand.

  • 1111

    Not true, 40/144(frederick rd) to MD97 (georgia ave) would get them there just fine also, taking them through the heart of Silver Spring.

  • julie

    I love you for marching like this. Sending all the best strength, courage and solidarity from Seattle.

  • Meesa

    We’re following the march from NYC. I’m on the fence about much of OWS strategy, but this march makes COMPLETE SENSE. Take it to Washington! Every one of the OWS protesters at Zuccotti should have joined you, or should meet you in DC. Glad to get the updates — stay safe!!

  • Patsy Messier

    Thinking daily about you guys. Keep you spirits up and enjoy your day of rest. Love from Maine.

  • Sarah

    Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVHNlPimqfE&feature=youtu.be

    I have been following your blog and love what you are doing.

    I have to say though I think it is strange that Move On is putting videos like this on youtube (and not allowing comments either). Is this march being put on by Move On?

  • Meesa


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