Although it’s 3AM and most of the marchers are gathered around computers at Occupy Philly watching the live stream of Zuccotti Park being raided, our March to Washington DC continues as scheduled in just a few hours.

Attacking the people’s last hope shall be the biggest mistake these ruling tyrants ever made. Raids have taken place against occupations all over the United States in the past days in a deliberate coordinated effort to beat us into silence.

Let this be the 1%’s last mistake as the 99% march on Washington now. In the coming days let us flow in united mass to Occupy the National Mall one million strong.

American Autumn.

Marchers and Philadelphia Occupiers watch the Zuccotti Park livestream at 3AM

28 responses to “HELL YES WE’RE MARCHING!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Your march couldn’t have come at a better time. A national convergence on washington, dc is in order. The president and government must recognize the voice of the people. With the many evictions, including OWS, it’s time. #stormthecapital #OWStothecapital

  • Meesa

    Respectfully, can we PLEASE stop comparing this to the Arab Spring? We are SO not oppressed in the US compared with many countries around the world. I cringe every time I hear this comparison. Our movement can stand alone and should stand alone — if anything, it’s closer to the American Revolution than the Arab Spring.

    I am one of the many, many 99% who are “on the fence” about the Occupy approach. I 100% believe the system is screwed up, there are huge injustices — I am fundamentally “with you” — but the tactics are not resonating with me. Occupying NYC’s subway? Really? PUBLIC transportation? Tank imagery for a peaceful protest?

    Focusing on Wall Street when DC is where real change can in fact happen? Your march is something I can really get behind and champion — SO glad you are doing this. I have been moved by these accounts from the road. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    We are so there!! Love, Dina, Jami and TJ Let us know if anyone needs support tomorrow. 215 987-9993

  • riverdaughter

    hey guys, if you want people to join you, it would be very helpful if you let your audience know what route you are taking. Are you going down Route 1? 95? Let us know so we can cross post.

  • Wendy of the 99%

    There was a reason you were inspired to march to DC. You have a member of the press marching with you. You need to become the focal point while encampments and occupations regroup. Let others join you and help you. Give them points along your route where they can join you. Give them to Occupy Together so they can post the geographical locations where the 99% can join you. Now is the time. Peace be the journey. One Love~

  • X on Earth

    All the best to all of you!! May your march be as enjoyable as possible!
    Occupy is a worldwide success and will progress. We must establish our true democracy, there is no other way to survive in a culture of extreme corrpution, which is polluting our air, land, water, economy and especially the minds of those who buy into the war and racism being sold via mass media. Washington D.C. is the place to be!!!! We must change our government. It represents the system of lies. It receives Wall Street’s bribes!

  • Wendy of the 99%

    Please let people know your route so they can join you and help you! You are the cohesive unit at the moment. Spread the word whatever way works best for you. The Underground Railroad had the help pf people up and down the East Coast – same idea…. One Love~

  • Anonymous

    Hell Yes!!

    I am in Baltimore and would like to know your route through MD so I can support you. Also, are we aiming for Wednesday, November 23rd for D.C.? Please let us know ~ I am with you 100% !!!! I am all smiles and tears for what you are doing for all of us. Thank you!!!
    In light and love… see you soon!

    Jay of the 99%

  • Cheri Carpenter-Lundstrom

    Hope you are well, praying for you and the rest. Don’t dispair, this is not the end but only the beginning. Considering joining you in DC.

  • Minda

    I am in Baltimore and had planned to support by bringing dinner to Occupy Balt on Sat night (vegan/gf mujadarrah – caramelized onions with lentils, brown rice, cinnamon, cumin) – we have a lg restaurant-sized stock pot, so should be able to make quite a bit. Are you guys on track to be in Balt by then?

  • Anonymous

    Are y’all taking the East Coast Greenway or parts of it? It’s a linear park from Maine-Florida – an urban Appalachian Trail connecting communities, including many from NYC-DC…

    -Greenway Dennis

  • Earl

    It was an honor walking for a while with you on Saturday in Pennsylvania. With all that’s happened the past 24 hours, your march takes on even more meaning. Don’t be downhearted – tents aren’t the point. Changing the way Americans think – and act – about unfairness is. Please be careful the next few days, keep yourselves safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. P.S. a special hello to John from Dallas! -Andy & Kim

  • Anonymous

    Love you all and what you are doing!!! Thank you from Boise, Idaho 🙂

  • TamberH

    There is a convergence down I-70 to Washington DC hitting Lawrence, Kansas City, Columbia Mo, Indianapolis, Columbus OH, and Pittsburg. If YOU are part of these occupations, please contact Tamber at tamber.hepner@gmail.com and let us know you want to get picked up… or just come on N23!

  • Scarletsusieq

    Greetings to all. I just want to share with you my total Solidarity! Tonight was amazing as I marched from Oakland to UC Berkley and stood on the steps of Spraul Plaza! Truly a dream come true for me for these very steps is where Freedom of Speech movement began in 1964. I was only 9 years old and dreamed of being there. Tonight I was and the GA agreed to Occupy AGAIN
    Tents are up! KEEP MARCHING FOR FREEDOM and Blessings all the way.

  • Judith Wonstolen

    Yes! One million strong.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this march and for the emailed updates! Its one of the few rays of hope to focus on , given the evnts of the last few days and this morning! It was a rough Sat in Denver, too..

  • Wendy of the 99%

    WOW! 27 miles. Great job! I thank you for your demonstration of HOW important our ideas are. Thank you. Thank you. Would you mind asking Ellizabeth ( the Washington Post Reporter) to do another article so I can post it? We need happy news! Also tell her that YES – all the attacks on
    encampments moves were coordinated by the mayors with Homeland Security – lots of info. substantiating that. Stay strong. Stay positive. One Love~

  • dandbr

    (American) Spring Wind

    All my friends are out protesting
    Marching for me and you
    Without their love and kindness
    I don’t know what we’d do
    Our accounts have all been emptied
    Our retirement plans gone limp
    And the only folks who’ll help us
    Some call dirty hippies in a tent
    Oh our governments not listening
    I hope they will be soon
    Its wet and cold this morning
    I can’t wait till June
    Oh occupy like the wild birds
    Till that dawning day
    Spring wind blows my list of
    Where to occupy away

    Kelley and company, please sing this song (loud and long) as you march along, so I can feel I’ve helped in a tiny way.

    With much love from Cali,


    If you don’t know the tune, its a repurposed Greg Brown song that Jack Johnson covered…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulH-8k013_Y

  • rick

    Thanks so much for your great and inspiring efforts. Just watch tomorrow how the eviction has further galvanized NYers to support our struggles!

  • justin r

    hi – thanks y’all for your amazing and inspiring efforts.

    we have many hundreds of thousands of folks who’d like to help out and would like to figure out how to support. please get in touch — email justin_ruben@moveon.org !

  • Patsy Messier

    Another day passes. Another mile closer to your goal. Keep on truckin’ !
    Love from Maine.

  • Wendy of the 99%

    March proudly today you 99%ers!!! We know your feet hurt and you are weary. Be lifted up by those who are behind you in spirit. You are certainly taking action on this OWS Day of Action! Hope people join you along some of the march today. Peace be the journey! One Love~

  • James of the 53%

    Yeah! Good job, OPSers! I just hope you find the time to take some showers, burn down some buildings, impede police work, and deficate on police vehicles along your way! F.Y.I.: Jalepeno juice burns. Just letting you know.

    Here’s hoping,

    James of the 53%

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