Quick Sun night update/Occupy Trenton greeting

It’s Sun night, we arrived at Occupy Philly tonight to an awesome greeting. I sat down planning on getting to work but it’s def not happening – too tired. I did just want to put something up here so that anyone that only checks this site knows we’re alive. We have tomorrow off from walking (WOW) and most of my day with be spent updating the site/tending to a backlog of internet-related tasks we haven’t been able to do while marching.

Here is our epic greet from Trenton for those who haven’t seen it:

This march has been amazing so far, we’ll let you all know more tomorrow.

13 responses to “Quick Sun night update/Occupy Trenton greeting

  • Don Tribbett Jr

    I sure wish I could participate somehow such a worthy cause am so proud of all involved. I live in small town know where . Most don’t even know about fstv or link tv here. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Don you can help from right there behind your kb. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, etc – share stories and spread links through your networks of family, friends and neighbors.

  • Walter

    Thank you so much for the update! I’ve been wondering what happened to you all. I wish I could join you so I’m following only via the internet!

    Thank you all so much!

  • Marshall

    Hey, it was really nice to meet you guys in Philadelphia tonight. Currently writing an article for Occupy Philly Media about the experience. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys more tomorrow at City Hall. You can email me at marshall.kavanaugh@gmail.com if you need any help with directions around the site or meeting times, etc. Take care of yourselves and see you tomorrow.


  • JenneJ

    I second Walter!
    I too am grateful for the “quick update” as I only follow you from this site. The Revolutionary welcome to Trenton was awesome.
    Keep strength my friends. We are all marching together.

  • Momof2

    May God bless you and continue to
    give you strength. You are in my
    thoughts & prayers everyday.
    Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay peaceful.
    I have two young children that are
    in the midst of watching you make

  • mike iowa

    Oh we’re out here in the world watching you, following you, listening to you, and most of all admiring you! We love your updates but you all get some rest today now, okay? Lovin ya from Iowa

  • Matheau Moore

    you all are awesome! enjoy some much needed rest. if anyone needs access toa roomy tent with a sleeping bag and air mattress i can come by and unlock mine for you – i will not be staying the night either tonight or tomorrow night. you can contact me at mattymoo@gmail.com and i can come down and give one or several of you a quiet spot to unwind and catch on some sleep šŸ™‚

  • Magen Eller

    Was really worried about you guys! Glad you put up a quick update. You’re in our thoughts… we’re really amazed at your tenacity and resolve to do this!

  • Susan Hall

    Keep going!

  • Joy

    Thank you so much for marching and for this blog. The video from Trenton is so uplifting. I wish I could be marching with you, but since I cannot, I am extremely grateful for your hard work and for documenting it.

  • alison

    Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea!! This is so great, a giant thanks for your dedication and long nights and sore feet and inspiring words —- our hearts and thoughts are with you all the way. See you in Maryland!!!!!

  • aletheia33

    thank you for the update, it is so important for everyone know where you are and how your march is proceeding. you are marching near my home ground where i grew up, about 20 miles up the delaware from trenton. there are many patriots living in that rural backwater who have not forgotten their history, they are descended from the farmers, artisans, fishers, and small business people who sent the needed boats to george’s army the night he crossed the delaware to trenton. the land itself remembers that campaign and sends blessings and spirit into your feet and your hearts as you walk. do not forget this or be discouraged. you, too, will be remembered in history for leading the revolution into the next society of peace on our planet. i salute you with deep admiration.

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