Already in news and we haven’t even left yet

Lots of media outlets are all over this thing, some of the news articles are already posted. It blows my mind crazy how fast this thing is taking off! –

The Guardian –


– Jason

14 responses to “Already in news and we haven’t even left yet

  • shomon

    From the Marcha Indignada, which left from the corners of spain and walked to Madrid, then later to Brussels, there were 2 brilliant results (to me):

    1) A document with all the issues that local assemblies reported in each place where the march passed – which was handed to government but I guess not read much. It told of a lot of countryside issues as opposed to the mainly city related issues that had come up before: pollution, underpopulation etc.
    2) From walking together so much, lots of songs came out of it! They were probably the best songs from the whole indignados movement! And all on youtube (look for marcha sur or marcha nororiental)

    Also the walkers felt so energised from their walk that after 2 days of celebration and sparring with cops in madrid, they already had itchy feet. They are now marching to greece afaik…


  • Kevin

    Good Luck to you all! Be sure to post and update your progress. I’d like to march with you a while when you are in Trenton, NJ.

  • Miguel Escalona

    Jason, i am Miguel Escalona from CNN en Espanol. I am looking one of your spanish speaking members to interview today at 4pm EST before departing to DC so he or she, can explain our viewers in the US and Latin America, what is expected with the march to DC. @MEscalonaCNN

  • Kronos, Ravager of Planets

    I predict the mission will go horribly wrong when you hit Donner’s Pass.

  • gberke

    good luck! a great undertaking. thank you..

  • Ms. Imma Broke

    Are there any plans to march anywhere Third Federal in Newtown, PA? We have a judgment against a builder that this bank approved for a six-figure construction loan back in 2005. In short, we were left completely broke because the builder (that the bank “approved”) ended up taking the installment payments and then not paying the subcontractors. Our house even 6 years later is still in shambles and we are left with a house that we cannot sell due to the overwhelming deficiencies. We have BEGGED them for years now to share the documentation of this loan with us. Kent Lufkin, President, ceased all communications with us and hired a lawyer a couple of months ago. Their counsel is downright belligerent and recently communicated to us that Third Federal never took an application and never documented any insurance. The counsel basically mocks us in his correspondence. I find it unbelievable that in today’s economic climate a bank can secure a $700,000.00 loan without either an application or insurance coverage. We hope to meet with the AG’s office but we have to meet with the PA Dept of Banking first.

  • Ric

    I have tried to be supportive of your nebulous sit-in until this point. But now you find it expedient to not only whine your socialist whine, but also aim to impede my ability to get back and forth to the job I work hard at and want to keep? Your huddled masses are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem as well.

    Keep your ass in New York!

  • Jason

    Great job everyone. Definitely shared the Salon article with as many as I could on Facebook. If I actually had any money to go to NYC, I’d be there marching with you. Hope all goes well, you pick up people along the way, and your loud voice is heard!

  • John Caffrey

    –would be good if you could predict the particular roads you will be crossing….also estimated times. That way people could join you, encourage you — whatever they can offer.

  • mom

    I live near Trenton and would be happy to host people to stay in my apartment when you come through!!!! I support you!!!

  • Kobby Adjei

    i think i saw u guys in Elizabeth last night around 7pm.. please don’t give up the spirit !

  • Anne

    You commitment to the revolution is matched by your awesome ability to tell the story of it. Keep writing, keep marching – the wind on your back is filled with the well wishes of millions.

  • VV(verizon victim)

    YOU guys rock!!! You all have made me feel less isolated, exploited and helpless at the hands of Verizon and one of their ‘authorized’ bootleg henchmen..Did you know? Those stores with huge Verizon(+only verizon) signs,in official logo,+no other brands listed; no indication of them being anything but ‘an authorized Verizon’ store, .. aren’t! and guess what the clue is? that it says ‘authorized’!!! They are actually ‘fake’ Verizon stores that take the worst, greediest, most deceptive ‘policies’ of ‘actual’ Verizon, and add some waterboading-style one’s of their own. I hope to join you back in NYC, where I maybe Occupying the front sidewalk of various totally misleading, bogus ‘authorized Verizon’ stores! Thanks for doing the serious legwork!

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