Wow! So Far This is Looking OK (that’s an understatement)! And the ‘About’ Page Has Been Updated!

flyer-an updated version is on the way! To update as fast as possible since it’s 5am and I want to get a little shut eye before the day begins again tomorrow. Michael, co-organizer, made the proposal to the General Assembly for $750 for the march last Saturday night. The GA wanted Michael to propose it again and ask for more money. Sunday night Michael proposed $3,000 for the march and the GA was all on board! Yesterday, we had our first meeting after Michael and I laid out the ground work. There were ten of us at the meeting. Tomorrow we expect even more and we’re also expecting to grow as we go. *Any unused funds will go back to the OWS GA

We have an updated flyer in the works and I’ll post it again tomorrow morning, but want to get something up here now! We would also like to recognize that we will be stopping at Occupy Trenton and if thee are other occupations in the towns along our route that we missed or didn’t get word about, please let us know and we’ll update that info.

We’re also planning on having nightly GA’s in the town’s along the route. We’re aiming to get into those town’s by 5 or 6pm and hold the GA at 7pm in the town’s “center.” I f you live in one of these towns and have suggestions send ’em! If you would like to facilitate or learn how let us know as well. We have a few facilitators on board. And, as a note, we do not plan on co-opting any existing occupation-we are not about imperialism folks.

So I’m taking my autonomous actions a little far when I get to speaking about the group when it’s just my singular voice, but fuck it! It’s 5am and I’m still up! (that’s meant to be a joke).

Will follow up with more tomorrow. Good-night everyone and thanks so much for your support thus far!!!


14 responses to “Wow! So Far This is Looking OK (that’s an understatement)! And the ‘About’ Page Has Been Updated!

  • billy merrill

    We would love to have everyone stop by the occupation camp in wilmington located at 8th and french!!! welcoming with open minds and arms. We think our numbers would greatly increase and positive media feedback with this visit. Please contact myself or another fellow member for questions/concerns/ or any additional info!! thanks and look forward to hearing back!!
    –Billy Merrill

  • anon

    What is social equality? Does it mean everyone has to have the same amount of friends and sexual partners? Affirmative action with personal relationships?

  • anon

    The Bush tax cuts directly effect the tax rate of families earning more than $250,000. That’s somewhere around 3% of the population. Not 1% like the poster says. Are you only the 97% now?

  • Harry Burger

    As an Eagle Scout and veteran of Philmont (12 day, 75 mile backpacking expedition in NM), I have to say I think you are over ambitious to expect 20 mi/day from everyday folks who haven’t beet training for it and need to carry their gear. You say it’s “unsupported” which I take as you don’t have cars carrying tents etc., so that means backpacking.

    I think this is an amazing idea, if I were still unemployed I’d join you immediately, but I’m really worried about health, safety, and resources. While I. Admire the courage to set out and trust that The Movement will provide, I would hate for people to be harmed by poor prior planning.

    May the road rise to meet you, the wind always be at your back, and may the Lord shelter you in the palm of His hand until we meet again.

  • Alex

    What are you going to do about the media? They will not represent your true numbers as they did in Oakland.

  • Mary Goggin

    You guys are incredible!! I love the idea – I wish you luck, love and health on your journey – Spread the Word!!

  • Robert Vulgamore

    Why not also have groups do the same idea in each of their 50 states and march to their State capitals. Arriving on the same date.

  • Steve

    Dont forget to stop by Occupy Delaware! We are in Wilmington, DE!

  • bbettybbq

    this is awesome! I hope this grows huge by the time you get to d.c. Wish I could be there but i do plan on the big d.c. march in March! Solidarity from Austin, TX!

  • Alexander Reed Razzook

    Keep up the good work. If people need a place to stay in Newark Delaware on Wednesday October 17th, let me know!

  • james

    where in new brunswick are you guys stopping?

  • Melvin Dean Baker

    Good luck guys. Those of us on the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in 1986 took the exact same route at about this same time of year. Look up our event online. We did this as a cross country march from LA. Some suggestions. You’ll need to factor in at least one and more likely two rest days. Doing 20 miles a day is damn hard work. We did a few 25 mile days in the mid-west, but that was after we’d been marching for months. Remember, you’ll have a wide range of people who will have varying fitness levels and don’t count out the problems of blisters, shin splints and the like in the first few days. Also it can be very cold. Make sure everyone is well insulated and really understands the dangers of being in the cold all day and night. We had to abandon one of our outdoor camps during the last leg because it was so damn cold and again, we’d been living in tents for months.

    Finally, we’re very proud of you, know that you walk in the footsteps of many before you and that the members of the Great Peace March wish you (as Holly Near sang in Great Peace March) “Forever for love and for life on the Great Peace March!”

  • Anonymous

    I saw you in Rahway today! Looking Good and strong! Good Luck and safe travels.

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