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Wow! So Far This is Looking OK (that’s an understatement)! And the ‘About’ Page Has Been Updated!

flyer-an updated version is on the way! To update as fast as possible since it’s 5am and I want to get a little shut eye before the day begins again tomorrow. Michael, co-organizer, made the proposal to the General Assembly for $750 for the march last Saturday night. The GA wanted Michael to propose it again and ask for more money. Sunday night Michael proposed $3,000 for the march and the GA was all on board! Yesterday, we had our first meeting after Michael and I laid out the ground work. There were ten of us at the meeting. Tomorrow we expect even more and we’re also expecting to grow as we go. *Any unused funds will go back to the OWS GA

We have an updated flyer in the works and I’ll post it again tomorrow morning, but want to get something up here now! We would also like to recognize that we will be stopping at Occupy Trenton and if thee are other occupations in the towns along our route that we missed or didn’t get word about, please let us know and we’ll update that info.

We’re also planning on having nightly GA’s in the town’s along the route. We’re aiming to get into those town’s by 5 or 6pm and hold the GA at 7pm in the town’s “center.” I f you live in one of these towns and have suggestions send ’em! If you would like to facilitate or learn how let us know as well. We have a few facilitators on board. And, as a note, we do not plan on co-opting any existing occupation-we are not about imperialism folks.

So I’m taking my autonomous actions a little far when I get to speaking about the group when it’s just my singular voice, but fuck it! It’s 5am and I’m still up! (that’s meant to be a joke).

Will follow up with more tomorrow. Good-night everyone and thanks so much for your support thus far!!!