OWS hits the Road!

A line drawing of the route: total milage is 240

Hey everyone! A group of us here at OWS are going to be occupying the highway soon enough. We are planning a two week march from Liberty Square in NYC to McPherson Square at Occupy DC! Tentatively, we are leaving this Wednesday Nov 9 at noon. We will be marching down to the ferry and heading over to NJ.

The plan is to make it to DC on November 23 for the Congressional Super Committee meeting which will be deciding whether the Bush tax cuts to the top 1% will stay or go. We want these cuts gone! We are taking action to fight for the 99%! Please join us if you are able. Whether for an hour, a day, or the full two weeks, we feel it’s imperative for OWS to respect and participate in the historical significance of long distance marches to support, promote, and encourage economic and human equality. We will march on average 20 miles a day from 9am to 5pm (banker hours) and hold nightly GA’s and/or discussions at 7pm in each town where we camp. We will be spending our two “days off” at Occupy Philly and Occupy Baltimore. We are also hoping that a few people from these occupations will join us in the march to the White House and Occupy DC.

We are unsponsored, which means we will not have support vehicles or much funding. We are collecting what donations we can so if you’d like to contribute please send us an email: owsmarch2dc@yahoo.com

Additionally, we hope to, as much as possible, coordinate with OWS and other occupations on planned actions, specifically on Nov 11 and Nov 17. We can do a lot from the road! Additionally, It would be beneficial if a medic(s) and a drummer(s) could join us! Although our preparations will include a crash course with the medical team so we can be prepared for the unexpected as we will be marching unsponsored. Lastly, due to the nature of this march, it is important that each participant understand their personal health and physical condition and feel comfortable walking this distance without a support vehicle. We are unsponsored and have extremely limited funding. Please bring as much of your own supplies as possible. We are also collecting what donations we can so if you’d like to contribute this way please send us an email: owsmarch2dc@yahoo.com

After Nov 23 marchers can do what ever they choose: stay in DC, return to OWS, or plan another march to further occupied cities. Hopefully, we will have a little bit of money to provide people with transportation expenses. This march is to take OWS on the road using nothing more than our feet to spread the word along highways and rural communities. Some of us walking have been at OWS since the beginning and others have joined OWS in the last few weeks. We have all gathered a variety of skills and knowledge that we can share with other occupations if needed.

We are formally inviting all of you to join this march. If you cannot march please help to send us off this Wednesday at noon. We will be taking the Staten Island Ferry just south of the square.

More details coming soon!

30 responses to “OWS hits the Road!

  • Matthew

    I live in Bel Air MD and am a part of Occupy Baltimore. If you need help in any way once you reach Bel Air let me know!

    • nycmarch2dc

      Hey matthew,

      Anyway you could host us-indoors or out-we have gear? We’ll be in bel air on sunday night-11/19/11. We’re actually still looking for a place here-we have almost everything booked. Right now we’re a small group of a dozen, but we could grow much bigger by then…any parks or forests we can camp in?


      • Matthew

        I will look into parks for you. There is Rock State Park in Forest Hill not far from Bel Air. You could even camp at my house I have 2 acres of land. Either way keep in touch. If you need to reach me call my cell. 4437529224. Bel Air police may totally friek out if they see a large group of marchers. Bel Air is pretty conservative, but I know people who can take you in if need be.


  • Dan Kervick

    This is a fantastic idea!

    If you can post a list of mailing addresses, I would be happy to post calls on my Facebook page to have people send hiking supplies via Fedex, UPS etc. to the various encampments along the route: trail food, water, blister kits, extra socks. People could also send a flag from their state or a name ribbon to ask the marchers to festoon their backpacks or hiking sticks with them. Get the whole country involved in supporting the marchers.

  • Ed

    So an army of the people will descend onto washington down the I-95 corridor? Hope you catch their attention.. God Bless America !

  • ali

    great idea, good luck, I’ll meet you in DC!!

  • tom

    Please keep in mind that there are a LOT of laws about walking, hiking, standing on highways. Stay off of the interstate roads. Be safe… peace – tom

  • Robert Vulgamore

    Why not organize a similar march from all of the small towns in Okla to arrive in Oklahoma City on the same date that that the marcher from NYC arrive in Washington DC. All fifty states could do this. You do have enough time to do this. Something to think about. Walking all the highways from all directions to arrive at the same moment at the State Capitol. People could begin in small towns (not their actual home towns but to make an encouraging statement to the rural populations that “you” are doing this for them. Think of the novelty and the encouraging momentum this would give you group…


      I am an Indian citizen, but have lived at Chicago, Illinois. I love the city so much that I visit it every year. I returned to India only on 26th September. Didn’t know about your peaceful movement till then otherwise I would have joined you for two/three days, as I am 73 year old and can’t do much physical work.

      Your idea of starting marches from all places converging on State Capitols is a wonderful idea. I endorse it. Do organise such marches. Whole of USA should rise against these greedy banks and Wall Street billionaires.

  • Carlos

    I used to live with Matthew in Bel Air. Just so you know, he is likely planning to rob you and your group if you show up. I’d advise against it.

  • Heidi Weinstein Cordivari

    which day will you guys be at Occupy Philly??? we can definitely bring you some supplies to restock things you may need to continue on your trip.

  • DrChill

    This sounds like something Bill Johnson did years ago. (NYC to DC)
    He helped gather the folks that started OWS.
    I’m thinking I might be able to provide some support for a couple days …
    I’ll try to get there before Noon tomorrow ….

  • Petra

    Wow, our prayers will be with you along the way! We are proud and honored that you are doing this for us, the people. I would join you if I could in a heartbeat! I will try to donate some money to help. May God bless you and guide you peacefully and with love. Aloha from a fellow family member on Maui!

  • toni lamberti

    my 72 year old heart is bursting with joy at the rightness/timliness of the occupation.
    what about asking for volunteers for support vehicles

  • Melanie Ward

    This is an amazing idea!!! I so wish I could march with you all!! I am with you in spirit. I live in Buffalo NY, so I am not on your route!!! I really hope your group increases along the way, which I believe it will. I will spread this message as much as I can. Take care and be safe all!!!! Solidarity from Buffalo!!!!

  • Kim Waite-Williams

    Camp Ramblewood http://www.ramblewood.com/ (800) 466-CAMP is a private camp near Havre de Grace and would be a safe place to stop. It’s near 95. The owner’s name is Harry. I can’t speak for him, but it would be worth checking out.

  • OccupyLumby

    60,000 people marched in Germany and they stopped the German Nuclear Power program! thank you to everyone – occupy everywhere – occupy our Planet.

    I can’t be with you but here’s a few songs for your march
    Timothy DeChristopher stood in the USA
    [audio src="http://www.priscillajudd.ca/thexpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/TDC.mp3" /]
    100,000 voices for wild salmon:
    [audio src="http://www.priscillajudd.ca/thexpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/100ThousandVoices.mp3" /]
    Marching for the commons (to the tune of Bread and Roses):
    [audio src="http://priscillajudd.ca/media/marching-for-the-commons.mp3" /]

  • Melvin Dean Baker

    If there is any way you can get a one support truck towing a porta potty that would be a good idea. Ideally you should only have to carry day packs, with all your heavy tents and bedding on the truck.

    I’ve posted elsewhere about the Great Peace March back in 1986. Please feel free to ask us for advice. We have a Facebook page, ask to join and we’ll be happy to tell you what we learned 25 years ago.

  • The Compliance Campaign

    This is great news! I just hope that in addition to repealing the Bush tax cuts, the movement also focuses on the bloated Pentagon budget — which accounts for 43% of the world’s military spending. The corrupt supercommittee has been lobbied hard by the military-industrial complex to keep this inflated military spending intact (which results in billions in profits for the 1%, not to mention death and destruction around the world), so we need to be there to send another message: money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation.

  • Liz Tarditi

    We live in Oreland, PA and it looks like you’ll be passing around us on Saturday? We’d be happy to pitch in any way we can. The boyfriend and I are both trained cooks, too, and I’m sure you’ll all be ready for a hot meal and hot shower 🙂 We have a backyard that could be used for camping if needed, though we are off your “path”. Let me know how we can help.


  • Kronos, Ravager of Planets

    Again, watch out for Matthew of Bel Air. His two acres is peppered with shallow graves. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Occupy Violence

    I can definitely help… I’ll FedEx over some STD test kits, boxes of empty bottles for hurling at cops, extra-strength / family-size deodorants and antiperspirants, and I know a great intern from the NY Times (fresh out of college — so don’t sexually assault her on the first night, please) who would love to do a glowing write-up on the whole thing.


  • Eric Ember

    I participated in the Sudan Freedom Walk from NYC to DC. As I recall one needs a permit, or some type of permission, to cross the bridge on 95 in Maryland. In the end, the matter was resolved with the police but I suggest you plan ahead for this.

  • Trish

    Could take back roads along coast line from New Jersey to Maryland. Again there is the Bay Bridge which I am uncertain about walking across! Is everyone walking or driving? Live 30 miles from DC! There are several bridges. Can walk across the Woodrow Wilson bridge! There are bike paths can take to Memorial bridge or Key Bridge to enter DC. If can’t be there, will follow on live feed and IM. Be sure to bring with you what you need should pepper spray be used! It was used at the DC protest at Air and Space Museum! Police really haven’t bothered protestors too much except at the museum, inside Capital Building, Supreme Court, and a few at the fundraiser supported by Koch Industries! Arrest were made at these sights. Be safe on your trip and stay peaceful!

    • Eric Ember

      The enclosed link shows the route taken by the Sudan Freedom Walk from NYC to DC. Perhaps this will be useful to you. Again, there were some issues crossing one of the bridges on 95 in Maryland, which was ultimately negotiated between the marchers and the police. My recollection is that the police offered to drive the marchers across, but would not allow them to walk. The organizaer of the march decided to swim instead of being transported by the police by he was a professional swimmer. http://sudanfreedom.org/index.php/schedule/

  • esahadi


    I’d like to join the march in Phiily, and on to D.C., but I’ve been unable to find any info on where I can meet up with the marchers.

    Travelling from another State and I need to know by tonight latest to finalize my plans.


  • Anonymous

    luv it when people get up off their local cliques an get on the road to change the wurl

  • thaibonnie

    i am still trying to get an update on your route change. i had planned to come to talbot ave in laurel this evening with food and treats…..i have been reaching out to seek updated information, route guidance, offer my home for showers, my vehicle to drive you if necessary to somewhere…but, specifically, today, i have hot vegetarian chili (and the rest) i want to deliver hot to you somewhere today for lunch or for dinner tonight. PLEASE UPDATE ROUTE with address of overnight camp. thanks
    thanks for what you are doing 🙂

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